The 2012-13 AOSA Executive Council

Just recently the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA) voted for members of its 2012-13 Executive Council; a group of four optometry students filling the positions of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. These students and their board of trustees help ensure you a smooth ride and easy transition on your path from pre-optometry student to graduate. As a third year optometry student, I can personally vouch for the value that AOSA has brought to my experience at SUNY. would like to shine a spotlight on the new AOSA Executive Council along with the new trustees from all 22 schools of optometry.


2012-13 AOSA Executive Council 
Left to right:
Jennifer Sidun, President, UMSL
Amber Dunn, Vice President, PUCO
Kelly Keane, Secretary, NECO
Marc Kallal, Treasurer, SCCO

Additionally, here you can find your AOSA school trustee. 

It is thanks to these individuals that we optometry students have not only a political voice, tangible benefits, a trustee to look over us – we also have a connection to major industry and to the American Optometric Association (AOA). wants to thank the AOSA for their past, present and future dedication and loyalty.

I encourage you to look at their Web site to learn more about what the AOSA has done for you as an optometry student.

Matthew Geller
Founder & Senior Editor;
SUNY 2013 

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