Pre-Optometry Students: SCCO Applicant Interview Video Series

I remember my interview into optometry school quite vividly; I was sick with mononucleosis and had to wear my suit in the blazing heat all the way to New York City. I was so sick with mono that I actually was hospitalized the night I got home, but I had a smile on my face the entire ambulance ride because I knew I earned a seat in the SUNY Optometry class of 2013.

There is no doubt about it, interviews can be pretty nerve-racking. Not everyone performs well in an interview even if he or she is the right student for seat in optometry school. Preparing for an interview can really be the difference between success and failure. It’s important to not just “wing it” but to build up a solid idea of how to perform flawlessly in your interview.

To help you, is here to bring you an Interview Video Series courtesy of the one and only Jane Ann Munroe, O.D, the Director of Admissions at Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Munroe is someone you will get to know very well if you are applying to the prestigious SCCO.  But students applying to any school will get a lot of important information from this video series. In this four-part video series you can witness an accurate representation of what an interview of at SCCO might be like!

If I were applying to optometry school all over again, I would really utilize this resource. I might even pause the video after each question and answer out loud for practice. This resource is really good for any pre-optometry student applying to any optometry school. Interviews, from what I hear, are quite similar.

One tip from me: confidence is absolutely critical. I would have a really good idea of the qualities and strong points that you want to deliver on your interview day. Aside from watching this video series, remain confident and show your interviewers that you truly care about the profession of Optometry.

Good luck at your interview and check out the SCCO website for more information.

Check out the videos below.

Matt Geller
Founder & Senior Editor;
SUNY 2013 

Watch Part 1:
Watch Part 2:
Watch Part 3:
Watch Part 4:
Watch “Additional Questions”:


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