Paying for Optometry School – Financial Aid Fundamentals

It is often discouraging thinking about the financial implications of optometry school. It is a significant investment that bears a financial burden that can even act as a deterrent for some. Fortunately there are many ways to finance optometry school including grants, loans, scholarships, college work study and appropriate budgeting. Tune into a video interview featuring Vito Cavallaro, Financial Aid Director at the SUNY College of Optometry, for more information and tips on budgeting, financial aid, and limiting the costs of attending optometry school.

As a fourth year student on the cusp of graduating, as I look at my loan statements, I’ve come to realize that controlling spending, appropriate budgeting, and applying for all scholarships are critical ways to reduce my debt load upon graduating optometry school. There are many scholarships and grants available to students who are willing to write various essays and fill out application forms. I highly recommend students apply for these scholarships because more often than not, only a small contingent of students apply for these opportunities which greatly increases one’s chances of earning additional scholarship money.

See what Mr. Cavallaro has to say regarding loans, budgeting, and financing optometry school!

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