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Clinical Photo Database

Tuesday, September 17th 2013

OptometryStudents.com (OS) and its team of 25 optometry and pre-optometry students has officially launched the “Optometry Clinical Photo Database” aka OptometryCPD. The project is lead by the OS Director of Clinical Photography, Apoorva Jinka of SUNY College of Optometry. OptometryCPD seeks to be the top crowd-sourced clinical photo database, with contributions from students, optometrists, and optometry college staff.

Apoorva-JinkaThe OptometryCPD gives us, optometry students, a platform to share the variety of ocular conditions we are exposed to while in school,” says Jinka. “This open-source library of clinical photos will be public and free to download by anyone for educational purposes, and it will truly enhance the way clinical knowledge is exchanged.” 

The photo database is in its infant stages right now with 150 clinical photos from 40 patients, although it is gaining traction extremely quickly with the optometric industry. The OS team has big launch plans at the Congressional Advocacy Conference and the 2013 Vision Expo West.

Matt Geller

This project is going to revolutionize education for optometry students and doctors seeking clinical images,” says Matthew Geller,O.D., the founder of OptometryStudents.com and optometrist at Complete Family Vision Care in San Diego. “We hope to launch an updated web design with smoother functionality, along with a mobile app, by the second quarter of 2014. OS is an extremely powerful brand with a remarkably successful track record. I would anticipate OptometryCPD to have a heavy traffic load in the coming months.”

Thanks to many dedicated and loyal faculty at various optometric universities, the site expects a massive influx of clinical photos to close out 2013.

The link for the Optometry Clinical Photo Database is https://www.optometrystudents.com/ClinicalPhotoDatabase



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