Introducing the New AOSA Executive Council for 2013-2014

AOSA 2013 Executive Council

Left to right:
President: James Deom (PCO), Vice President: Brian Park (SCCO), Secretary: Jazzi Junge (UCB), Treasurer: Jessilin Quint (IU)

Introducing the new AOSA Executive Council for 2013-2014

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, a new Executive Council for the American Optometric Student Association was sworn in for the 2013-2014 year.  We are happy to introduce the new team that will represent optometry students throughout the country!

Jimmy Deom will be taking office as President of the AOSA. Jimmy attends Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Salus University and is a member of the graduating class of 2014. He is the first ever student to participate in PCO’s dual OD/MPH program with an emphasis on health policy. Although the President-Elect has a very busy academic schedule, he still finds time to compete in endurance races, completing his first Ironman triathlon this past year. Jimmy is well known for his contagious enthusiasm and strong commitment to improving our profession. During his Presidency, Jimmy hopes to inspire optometry students to get involved and stay educated. Ultimately, meaningful involvement is the main goal for Jimmy.

The new Vice President of the AOSA, Brian Park, is in the graduating class of 2014 at Southern California College of Optometry. Brian has an extraordinary knack for photography – his creativity and dedication will be a great asset to the AOSA. As the AOSA Vice President, Brian plans to work closely with the Board of Trustees to maintain a strong line of communication. Brian believes that all optometry students’ voices should be heard so that we can continue to advance our profession.

Jazzi Junge is the new Secretary for the AOSA. She attends the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry and will graduate in 2014.  While much of her time at UCB is spent studying and promoting the AOSA, she is also an avid Cal football fan. Jazzi’s charismatic personality and strong work ethic will help her achieve her goals, which include increasing the visibility of the AOSA and building the community through many outlets, particularly social media.

Jessilin Quint will be assuming the role as Treasurer of the AOSA.  In 2014, Jessilin will complete her OD degree from Indiana University School of Optometry. She will receive her Doctor of Optometry degree in addition to a Masters of Science in Biology and a Masters of Business Administration. With a vast knowledge of budgets and finances, Jessilin will work diligently to make students more aware of the financial resources they have as an AOSA member. She also hopes to maximize the many other benefits of AOSA membership.

The AOSA Board of Trustees is grateful for each of the new council members as they take on these important responsibilities. We look forward to the outcome of their collaboration in the year to come. With their leadership, we have no doubt that the AOSA will continue to strive and keep the future bright for our profession. Congratulations, 2013-2014 Executive Council!

Finally, we would like to thank the outgoing Executive Council: Jen Sidun, Amber Dunn, Kelly Keane, and Marc Kallal. Your work this year has been instrumental to achieving the goals of the AOSA. We greatly appreciate your time, commitment, and passion for optometry. Your leadership will be an example to the new Executive Council and the rest of the organization as we go forward into 2013.

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