**Important Message to All Who Participated in Our Social Media Contest at Vision Expo East**

Thanks to everyone who participated in our social media contest! We’re sorry for the confusion as to why some of your pictures aren’t posting to the hashtag search #OSvisionexpo, but we found out why! It is because your twitter and/or Instagram accounts needed to be set as “public” in order for the hashtag to show up in a public feed. If your account was private when you took the pic, it wont show up in a public hashtag feed. Here is a quick solution to get all your awesome pics from the expo posted on OS so we can choose a winner ASAP.

If you don’t already see your picture posted at this link , you have two options. Choose whichever is easiest for you!

1.Text your picture to this number: 262-455-1513


2.Email your picture to this email address: optometrystudents@gmail.com

Once we get them, we will be able to choose a winner and post them in an article.

Again, sorry for the confusion, but we look forward to checking out all your creative, funny, cool pics and choosing a winner. All the photos will be posted in one spot for everyone to see. You have until this Sunday, 3/24, to get your photos to us. We will announce the winner of the Kindle Fire HD shortly after!




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