Free Business Cards Courtesy of the AOA

Calling all 2nd and 4th year students! Do you have business cards yet?

Whether you are in the middle of optometry school trying to network for the future, or on the cusp of graduating preparing to look for job, or already have secured a position and are looking to establish your presence in the community of the optometric profession, the AOA has a great opportunity everyone should take advantage of.

Regardless of where students are in their professional career, the AOA is offering a set of 250 personalized business cards that will represent you as an individual and your dedication to the profession by recognizing your AOA membership.

Currently, 2nd and 4th year students with active AOA/AOSA memberships who are enrolled at a school or college of optometry are eligible for this offer.

Visit the AOA’s website HERE for instructions on how to go about ordering and receiving your business cards.

Don’t hesitate, every meeting, conference, or event is an opportunity to network and establish a presence for yourself.

  1. Having a great looking business card is an excellent way to show you are professional optometry student. Also OD’s like to see that you support organized optometry so an AOA biz card is the way to go!
  2. Carry a pen with you and put some personalized information on the back of your business card. This is an excellent way to make your encounter more memorable.
  3. Providing your patients with your business card is an excellent way to build referrals!
  4. Use the back of your business card to write down recommendations to your patients. This way they can follow your recommendation and contact you if need be.
  5. There are countless meetings you will attend in optometry school and having a business card is an excellent way to network with others. Whether its Optometry’s Meeting, Vision Expo or a local school event having a business card is essential.

Article By: Antonio Chirumbolo, SUNY 2013

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