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Overview of ORMatch

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) and National Matching Services Inc. collaborated to provide an organized process for applicants and residency hopefuls to pair with each other and find the ideal postgrad fit.  Welcome to ORMatch, the application and matching service that places applicants into optometry residency training positions. Do you want to specialize in pediatrics/vision therapy? Ocular disease? How about low vision? Let ORMatch be your guide!

How does the process work?

ORMatch provides an application service that will forward educational and demographic information provided by each applicant to programs of the applicant’s choosing. Applicants are required to send all additional supporting application information directly to the programs. Applicants and programs interview and evaluate each other independently, and programs make no offers during the interview period. Applicants and programs can evaluate each other completely before the programs must decide on their preferences for applicants and before applicants must decide on their preferences for programs. After all interviews are completed, each applicant submits a “Rank Order List” on which the applicant lists the desired programs, in numerical order of the applicant’s preference.  Also, each program submits a “Rank Order List” based on its preferences. The match then places individuals into positions based entirely on the preferences stated in the “Rank Order List” by the applicant and program. This system is based on an algorithm explained in greater detail on the website.

Best summarized by Doug Hoffman, O.D., F.A.A.O in correspondance with, “The ORMatch service and the process that has been developed for 2013-14 emphasize access, clarity, transparency and ease of use. This facilitates information gathering and decision-making for residency candidates and the residency programs.”


Residency programs are notorious for the hard work required as well as their rewarding experience. If you are interested in participating for the 2013-2014 period or want more information on individual programs, offers, and ORMatch, visit


How did ORMatch get started? consulted with Doug Hoffman O.D., FAAO and Marty Wall, executive director of ASCO, and Paige Pence, Director of Student and Residency Affairs at ASCO.

“ASCO got involved in the residency matching process when it was suddenly announced that (ORMS) disbanded in early January 2012 and asked ASCO to take it on. ASCO responded immediately to avoid a potential crisis of having no match this year.  ASCO weighed the options and selected National Matching Services, Inc. (NMS) as the vendor.  NMS had the experience that we were seeking as they are involved with many of the other health professions matching services.  This extensive experience will benefit both the applicants and the residency programs, specifically when it comes to the algorithm that is used in the actual match,” said Paige.

“After NMS was selected, the next step was to establish the ORMatch committee as they would be the committee that would establish all the ORMatch protocols and procedures.  This committee is comprised of ASCO residency directors and VA supervisors appointed by the VA service director and an ASCO project director.  This committee met several times via conference call over the past year.  They will continue to meet a few times a year to discuss any issues, in addition to enhancements for future matches,” said Paige.


Thoughts about ORMatch from the team

Our team here at OS applauds those involved in the creation of this program, especially the team at ASCO. Simplifying and streamlining the residency process is essential so that students can focus more time on their education and less time on paperwork. ASCO seems to have done a phenomenal job with this program, and we owe them a big thank you. OS will be covering this story as it develops and will be there to get one-on-one interviews with some of the students who are the first to use this service.

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