Eyes on the Future Winter 2012

The “Eyes On The Future” (ETOF) is an quarterly AOA publication that has some really valuable information!

Check out the most recent issue here

As students we are pretty busy studying and busting our butts in clinic during 10 hour shifts but there is definitely certain topics of Optometry you shouldn’t neglect. So take a look at this newsletter, I think you will find it valuable!

In this Winter 2012 issue you will find information on..

  • AOSA free resources
  • 10 habits of highly successful optometrists
  • Optometry’s Meeting Travel Grants
  • Putting 3D into practice
  • The DC advocacy conference
  • Sports Vision
  • much more!

All EOTF content is written with one goal – to help you become a successful optometrist. Check out the most recent issue here. 

To view the spring/summer 2011 issue, click here
To view the winter issue 2011, click here

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