A Powerful Collaboration: The AOSA and OptometryStudents.com


When I first created OS back in 2009 I knew that we could never accomplish our mission without the support of the backbone of THE optometry student organization; the AOSA. I have never, in my three and a half years of optometry school, felt better about the future of students in optometry school as well as pre-optometry students. Why? For it is this day, January 11th 2012 that marks the official collaboration of The AOSA and OptometryStudents.com.

This is a truly wonderful day for our profession in many ways and ensures that current and future optometry students will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, have an avenue to become involved in the growth and success of the profession of optometry. The AOSA will have an official page on OptometryStudents.com where they will not only post official annoucments but powerful and resonating articles from their 40+ trustee and trustee-elects. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Leadership Team at OptometryStudents.com along with the entire AOSA Council will collaborate on creative ideas and projects to ensure that the future of optometry is bright, powerful and moving in the right direction. In summary, you are now witnessing the most powerful collaboration in optometry student history. I look forward to an exciting future together with our good friends at the AOSA.

Matt Geller
Founder OptometryStudents.com
SUNY 2013




Founded in 1968, the AOSA represents over 6,000 students attending the 22 schools and colleges of optometry throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Over the past four years, we have seen our organization and profession grow and advance in ways we could not even have imagined! The official collaboration of The AOSA and OptometryStudents.com is one of these exciting changes that promises to improve the visual welfare and health of the public, promote the profession of optometry, and to enhance the education and welfare of optometry students.

The official AOSA page on OptometryStudents.com is a great way for the Board of Trustees to post enlightening articles and resources and provide important announcements and information on all matters affecting optometry students. On behalf of the AOSA and all our members, we sincerely thank OptometryStudents.com for teaming with us to forge a new path that will be both exciting and beneficial for our fellow classmates and colleagues!

Our very best wishes to you all,

Jennifer Sidun
AOSA Executive President
UMSL 2013

Kelly Keane
AOSA Executive Secretary
NECO 2013

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