6 Study Tips For Opt School Exams- Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous study tips article. Keep in mind these are specifically created for Optometry School and the OAT exam, although you could most likely apply them in any studying situation!

By the way the picture is of me and some friends hanging out in NYC before midterms.


  1. THINK OF THE SHORT TERM BENEFITS- I just finished ALL of my optometry midterm exams 2 weeks ago – Oh my GOD am I happy! I walked out of my classroom in a perpetual state of happiness, a smile so wide and so natural filled my face! It was a glorious moment to be done, ready to party, and ready to enjoy myself. Yet while I was studying I thought of this moment. I had been through it many times before and I new that it would come at some point. By knowing that in due time you will finish all of your exams this can be ALL THE MOTIVATION you need to effectively study. Just think ahead of when you slam down your pencil and paper and exit the classroom ready for a fun weekend! What a wonderful feeling. Harness this feeling when your studying for your tests.

  2. THINK OF THE LONG TERM BENEFITS- Long term benefits are even better then the short term. By studying and doing well you are setting yourself up for a future of successes and happiness, a great job and fruitful life. Know in the back of your mind that your hard work will pay off and you will be living a secure life of glory thanks to your decision to become an optometrist. Stick to it and you will soar above the masses of people who are as smart as the average 4th grader. Not that this is about getting a 1-up on people, but it is about feeling good about yourself and your future.
  3. THINK OF THE LAST TIME YOU STUDIED WELL- Think back to the last time you studied very hard for a test and how good you did. It was great wasn’t it? You were proud of yourself and you know that you earned it. Recreate this situation in your present day while revising for exams. It worked well and payed off last time you did it, so what’s to stop it from working again? (P.P.P.M)-Practice the Particulars of Positive Memories!!
  4. STAY ORGANIZED- I cannot stress organization enough. You have 2 sides to this one, organization of your notes and organization of your overall composure, attitude and time. You will be taking lots of classes in optometry school and you will receive an overwhelming amount of notes, packets and text books. By keeping organized you eliminate anxiety and stress that would otherwise cloud your though path. For example the way you organize your notes on the page is critical. I am not talking about your hand writing or color coded stuff. I am talking about ASSOCIATING TOPICS with one another. By taking one page of your notes to write EVERYTHING about the characteristics of say the layers and functions of the cornea can make a huge difference. These notes may be at first scattered ALL OVER your note books and text books, but by re-writing them in ONE source, on ONE page you can REALLY enhance your minds focus and ELIMINATE confusion! Stay organized with your concepts so you are not flipping through pages to try and find all the ideas relating to one topic.

Along with that, manage your positive mind state – keep it positive. Manage your time – keep yourself in balance with fun and studying and give yourself ample time to study, eat, sleep, workout and relax. Stay organized with your composure. DO NOT LOOSE IT, keep yourself together and in control of your reality!
  5. THIS TOO SHALL PASS- I love this saying way to much! This moment, this test, this day of studying – it will all pass! If you recognize that it will pass and you will be finished with your studying and your exam and on to your next venture then you can give yourself that extra push to study. Studying for exams does not last forever. It will pass and it will pass faster if you get it done and actually learn something. Put your energy and time in – because before you know it will have passed.
  6. STUDY- This is the most crucial and important point yet. No tricks and tips will ever help you ACE your exam unless you put time, work and energy in. The tips can make it more enjoyable, easier, and effective but regardless you will ALWAYS have to study hard. This means hours and hours of your time dedicated to learning difficult information. It is not easy, but it does make you unique, special and it helps you GROW as a person. Since helping optometry students is our number one goal here at OptometryStudents.com I can’t emphasize enough that studying is OK!!! Its good for you, you are blessed to be able to study such vast knowledge, and by learning this stuff you will evolve your core self and improve your life.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article and that through application of these principles you can become a better optometry student and one day an extremely successful optometrist. Comment below and let us know what you think!!

Matt Geller

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