5 Years After Optometry School

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A message from OptometryStudents.com Creator & Senior Editor Matthew Geller:

I am very proud of all the students who submitted their responses, proud that you all are thinking BIG and are beginning to put serious thought into your future as an OD. If you start mapping out your plan now, you are that much more likely to succeed. Keep up the hard work in school but more importantly continue to build and refine your future plan as an OD. One day you will attain your goals and give THOUSANDS of individuals the gift of sight. Although you are only one single person you have the power to do such great things and judging from your submissions I have confidence that you can achieve your mission. If there is anything that myself or OptometryStudents.com can do to help you achieve your mission, drop us an e-mail and we will be there to help you on your journey.


“Where do you envision yourself 5 years out of optometry school?”


Illinois College of Optometry – Optometry Student

I plan on cold-starting a private practice in Madison, WI and immediately contributing to the community. Coming from a small town I am extremely motivated to actively participate in the community in which I practice. I plan on doing this by providing the best optical care possible and participate in various volunteer opportunities. It is important to me to be a professional keystone of my community and be an invaluable resource to the people around me.

Indiana University School of Optometry – Optometry Student

I see myself in a place where I’m challenged everyday to stretch my mind in looking for better ways to help optometry patients and would be continuously refining my skills, whether I end up in vision therapy in a hospital setting or in an optometry/ophthalmology type private practice. I see my passion for optometry burning ever brighter, and whether or not I get to go overseas to work in impoverished areas (which is what I would really love to do), I would still be helping those that are in poverty within the 50 states. I know I would have great friends in the field of optometry who will partner with me to better serve my patients rather than thinking I always have the right answer. And lastly, I know I would be well on my way to paying off my student loans because optometrists are usually the doctors that pay off their loans the fastest!

Illinois College of Optometry – Optometry Student

Five years out of school…9 years from now (!), I hope to be back home in North Carolina working in a private practice.  I am hoping to buy an already established practice from a retiring OD after working as an associate. A very big future goal is to get out of debt :), and of course to be known in the area for providing exceptional eye care. On an unrelated note, another future goal is to be a championship-level latin dancer, as dancing is what keeps me sane in school.

Illinois College of Optometry – Optometry Student

I envision myself in a nice private practice probably in the MidWest. I would like to have a partner or two in the practice just to split things up a little bit. I don’t want to make my job who I am, it’s going to be what I do, so I don’t want to spend all of my time working and/or thinking about work! I can’t wait to see what really happens!

University Of Montreal – Optometry Student

I see myself practicing in a hospital or in a multi disciplinary practice. I see myself volunteering with organizations that help people in developing countries. I also see myself being able to help people take care of their health, and eyesight.

Illinois College of Optometry – Optometry Student

I would love to go directly into private practice near my hometown of Perry, Ohio. I am not overly concerned about exactly where I end up however, as long as I am a practicing optometrist and doing what I love to do. First, I have to pass anatomy though! 🙂

Salus University – Optometry Student

I envision myself in a group practice, which will allow me to serve the profession to its full potential and integrity. To be able to use the knowledge, skill, and empathy acquired throughout my young life in the optometric field. Treat my patients with respect by providing them with quality services and a smile.

2nd year student at St. John’s (7 year program with SUNY) – Pre-Optometry Student

Fresh out of optometry school in 2016, I would like to open up a private practice near my hometown where I would provide a full range of services ranging from basic eye exams to the dispensing of contact lenses.  Five years from that time, I would have developed a decent patient and employee foundation such that I would have the time to travel to Kenya.  In a country where the rate of blindness is 10 times that of the western world, I cannot think of a better way to spend at least a part of my career sharing knowledge and skills with local Kenyan optometrists.  In hopes that the scope of practice for optometrists broadens by the year of 2021, I would be more than eager to practice simple ophthalmic procedures for the much-needed patients of Kenya.

New England College Of Optometry – Optometry Student

I want to join VOSH now and will have gone on a VOSH trip in third year. Five years after getting my OD, I will have completed at least another 3 trips. I also want to continue vision screenings. So with all this time in the community, I would like to work as an optometrist at a community health center.

University of Missouri St. Louis – Optometry Student

Five years after optometry school, I envision myself in a group practice in western Washington. I hope to be able to buy into a thriving practice with doctors that will mentor me. I am planning to speacialize in pediatrics or contact lens

New England College of Optometry  – Optometry Student

I envision myself working in a group practice with optometrists and opthamologist. I am thinking I will settle down in either California or Colorado, but my goal is to be working with a group of intelligent, empathetic professionals who are committed to providing top quality patient care. In addition, I see myself traveling as much as possible outside the US, to provide visual health care to those populations who would otherwise be without. I envision myself making a difference.

Salus University– Optometry Student

Five years after graduation, I hope to be in a private practice, working with at least one other optometrist.  This will give me an opportunity to share the responsibility of running an office but also having the chance to do more outside of work and be involved in the community.  I want to be able to join a board or group that would help educate and move forward with the innovating changes in optometry, especially where I live in Canada, because we aren’t able to prescribe as much as optometrists in the US. I know that I would be happy just working with patients to help improve their vision and health but think that it is important to strive to do more in the community

University of the Incarnate Word School of Optometry– Optometry Student

After I am out of Optometry School for 5 years, I hope on having my own private practice, or even working in a group practice. I wouldn’t mind going commercial if security was there for me to allow time for my family. The sound of professional traveling seems so alluring for vacations–I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing patients in such a setting!  As of now for my future goal is to ACE my first year of Optometry school! Taking it one step at a time, trying not to rush starting a family until the time is just right, meeting the right person. Hopefully one day I will be in a position where I can give back to my community, whether it be volunteering lets say at vision screenings or reaching out monetarily to charitable organizations

SUNY College of Optometry- Optometry Student

I plan on opening my own clinic. It will be a group practice with General ODs as well as specialized ODs. I feel that this way we can all learn from each other as well as provide better care of our patients. I will also continue my volunteer work with societies like the Third World Eye Care Society and VOSH to help provide care to less fortunate countries.

Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry – Optometry Student

As an optometrist, I see myself working to the benefit of my community by giving back to those who can’t afford traditional eye care. By volunteering my eye care services at programs like M.E.N.D, I can make sure that I take care of everyone who needs an eye exam (and other services) whether or not they can afford it. Furthermore, I envision myself working in my own private practice or group practice. Using my interest in research, I hope to also work on scientific research projects for the advancement of science.

SUNY College Of Optometry – Optometry Student


I don’t know exactly what kind of work I want to do, but I plan on doing a residency to become well-versed in a specialty, which will allow me to go deeper into optometry and help people in different ways than I would otherwise. I’m hoping to be pointed in the right direction during my time in optometry school. I also want to do a lot of optometry-related volunteer work, both at home and abroad, during my free time to get the most out of my career.

New England College of Optometry – Optometry Student

I hope to see myself practicing in a underdeveloped country someday. My goal is to bring sight to the underprivileged populations who need eye care the most. I also believe that screening tests should be made necessary everywhere for young children, because everyone deserves a chance for sight.

University of the Incarnate Word School of Optometry – Optometry Student

I envision myself travelling the world and working in remote locations, with patients who have had little to no access to proper eye care in their lives. I dream of working towards establishing basic clinics in under served areas around the world and to educate people in these areas about healthy eye care practices.

SUNY College of Optometry – Optometry Student

Five years after I graduate, I see myself in a private practice setting in an area near the mountains. I will have a Vision Therapy section in my office, and we will be opening a third location in a nearby community. My future husband’s job hours may direct the hours I work, but I still plan on working full time until the time comes to have kids, at which time I will work part time (until they are school-aged). I imagine myself being a wonderful wife and mother AND a respected clinician in my area.

Indiana University – Optometry Student

I would like to go into pediatric residency to further my clinical practice.Then I want to start out working for another doctor then eventually start my own practice.

Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry – Optometry Student

Upon completion of optometry school I hope open my own private practice in my community in North Carolina.  There is only one optometrist in our town, thus indicating the need for more eyecare providers. I want to provide eyecare to those in my community who cannot afford treatment.

IAUPR College of Optometry – Optometry Student

I envision myself working closely with ophthalmologists in a hospital or OD/MD practice. My goal is to help bridge the two disciplines as optometrists gain greater privileges across the United States. I plan on a successful Contact Lens residency, as well as political involvement to expand our representation and further our interests as ODs.

New England College of Optometry – Optometry Student

As a little girl, I always dreamed of Superman coming to my rescue. Now, I have a chance to be my own superhero. With my OD, I will educate, research, and practice in a clinic affiliated with a university such as the Emory Eye Clinic. In such an institution, I know I will be able to educate the future leaders of optometry, work in the cutting edge area of vision research, and be a hero, all at the same time.

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