4 Tips for Choosing Your Best Optometry School

As the president of the Grant MacEwan Pre-Optometry Club I have had many members ask me how to decide between optometry schools after they have received their acceptance letters. For some it is an obvious choice, but for others it will be one of the most difficult choices they will ever make.  Below are some tips to help relax your mind and make the best decision possible.

STEP ONE (before the interviews)

  • Research the schools you are applying for
  • Know what you like and dislike about the school
  • Think about your needs and wants, you are the one spending 4 years in that school
  • Create a pros and cons list
  • Do not just attend a school because a specific program is offered


STEP TWO (the interview)

  • Interviews are excellent times to tour the campus and get to know your fellow students
  • Ask questions that you are concerned about
  • You are interviewing the school as well to ensure that they are a good fit for YOUR lifestyle
  • Take time to tour the city
  • Reflect on how you felt about the school, the city, the teachers, and the students


STEP THREE (If the school of your dreams is not an option)

  • Take a year off
  • Find a job to pay for your schooling
  • Finish your degree
  • Most importantly, ask the schools what you can do to increase your chances of being accepted next year


STEP FOUR (remember)

  • Remember that no matter where you decide to go you will become an optometrist
  • Remember that you are the one who wants to become an optometrist and that means making the best decision for yourself


My final advice is just to breathe, relax, and enjoy the ride.



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