3rd Year Optometry Student Interview

Interviewer: Antonio Chirumbolo – SUNY Optometry 2013
Guest: Sara Jones – SUNY Optometry 2012

Today we have our first ever student interview with Sara Jones of SUNY Optometry. Sara just finished her 3rd year at SUNY and was kind enough to support OptometryStudents.com with this powerful interview about her 3rd year in Optometry school.

Some of the topics Sara covers
– What is 3rd year like at SUNY?
– How did Sara prepare for Part 1 of the board exam?
– Recommendations to other students to prepare for boards
– How to become more efficient and effective in the clinic
– The basics of rotations at SUNY
– Sara’s future goals and plans
– The importance of organized optometry in Sara’s future

We will let this great interview speak for itself, enjoy!

(want to interview a student at your school? just let us know here)

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