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“Which is clearer?” “One or two?” Learning Manifest Refraction

“Which is clearer, one or two?” It still amazes me that this simple question can lead to a great prescription allowing sharp vision for all patients. Personally, answering this question as a kid allowed me to watch cartoons from the couch instead of at three feet! After my first pair of glasses, I knew that I […]

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So, what’s your role again?

Optometry is not a relatively new profession in the United States. In fact, the American Optometric Association that we now know today was founded in 1898. The first state law recognizing optometry as a profession was in 1901 in Minnesota, with all states having an optometric practice law by 1921. Even given the rich history

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COVID-19 changed my optometry school experience

How can a virus, that I did not contract, change my optometry school experience? When the world started talking about COVID-19, I really did not think anything of it. I went about my day, went to my classes, studied, practiced, worked, and socialized. It was not until schools around the nation started a discussion about

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Spotlight on Low Vision

  Whether you’ve already taken a low vision course in optometry school, or are still trying to figure out why you’re spending so much time on telescopes in optics, there’s a lot to low vision that even a non-low-vision optometrist can benefit from knowing. This is especially important because many patients will still see his

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Optometry in Norway

Norway is a country of immense natural beauty that attracts visitors from around the world. In addition to its stunning fjords and remarkable islands dotting the lengthy Atlantic coastline, Norway is famous for its northern lights during wintertime and midnight sun in the summer. Lately, Norway has begun attracting a new kind of visitor: medical

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