Don’t Forget to Register for NBEO Part I

By: Antonio Chirumbolo SUNY 2013

You may have started preparing for NBEO Part I boards, but have you remembered to register for it? In order to take Part I of NBEO in March 2012, you need to create a username and register on the website: The process requires you to fill in identification information and a payment method to cover the cost of the exam at $625.00. Choose the appropriate testing location and to what states you would like your scores to be released to, and you will officially be registered to take the exam.


Here are some important date deadlines:

Registration deadline – 1/17/2012
Withdrawal deadline – 2/1/2012

Registering for boards is the easy part, studying for boards can be difficult. Be sure to look for the NBEO articles/study guide resources available on for guidance and direction.

Click here for all of the OptometryStudents articles on boards.


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