Interview with Dr. Ron Hopping: The Future of Optometry

Curious about what the AOA immediate past president thinks about the future of optometry? Want to learn how you can become involved in ensuring the success of optometry’s future? Want some advice from a leader in optometry on how to succeed as optometry students?

Dr. Ron Hopping, OD, MPH, FAAO is the immediate past president of the American Optometric Association (AOA) and served from 2012-2013. As president, Dr. Hopping led the largest organized optometric group in preserving and expanding optometry’s privileges. Dr. Hopping graciously agreed to share his expertise and unique perspective on the future of optometry with readers of He emphasized the importance of preserving and expanding optometry’s scope of practice and the AOA’s crucial role in doing so. Dr. Hopping also shared advice on how students could get involved and become leaders in his very optimistic view on the future of optometry.

Throughout the interview, I was amazed at the awareness that Dr. Hopping had in all parts of optometry. I could see the keen foresight and determination needed to succeed as president of the AOA. Dr. Hopping’s comments made me very thankful for the constant efforts of the AOA in improving the future of optometry.

Thank you to Dr. Hopping for taking time out of his busy Optometry’s Meeting schedule to share his thoughts with us.

WATCH the interview HERE:

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