AOA Unveils "The Compass"

A compass is an invaluable tool for travelers. As students begin their journey through optometry school, perhaps a compass could similarly be a useful a tool to keep us on track, guide and direct us. The AOA has now provided students with that tool.

The AOA Compass is the ultimate optometry student guide, providing a step-by-step plan to help students complete optometry school and ultimately achieve goals set forth by each particular student. From registering for NBEO boards, to finding practice opportunities, to obtaining NPI numbers and registering with the DEA, the AOA Compass is the ultimate tool for incoming students, graduating students, and everyone in between. The Compass provides detailed information on how to complete all of the necessary tasks required to graduate optometry school, become licensed, and begin practicing, as well as answering questions about different practice modalities, joining allied organizations, and applying for residencies.

There are an overwhelming number of required tasks to think about, worry about, and ensure that you have completed while making your way through optometry school. The AOA has provided us with a great resource to make this expedition far less complicated. Not only does the AOA Compass provide an outline of various tasks and objectives students should be thinking about completing, but also delivers detailed information about each objective so no student is left confused as to what needs to be done and why.

Take advantage of this resource; visit and sign in with your AOSA student id and password and get on the right track!

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