5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Optometry’s Meeting in Seattle!

Optometry’s Meeting 2015 is being held June 24-28 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle! Last year’s meeting was hosted in Philadelphia, a gem of the Northeastern USA that’s filled with historical monuments, iconic movie scenes, and mouth watering food. Last year’s experience left me looking forward to this year’s meeting in Seattle, which is fast approaching!

Here are five reasons why:

OptometrysMeeting2014-251. Location

Like Philadelphia, Seattle is a city filled with amazing landmarks and food. Being the hometown of Starbucks, it would be a sin not to try some of Seattle’s own local coffee shops. Take a ride up the famous Space Needle, or
explore Pike Place Fish market and try your luck at catching a giant fish!

2. The Varilux® Student Bowl

As a Varilux® participant this past year, I know firsthand the excitement that goes into being a part of this event! SCCO took the trophy, and all the attendees met afterward for the Student Bowl Party where awesome photos were taken and great memories were made. Are YOU can representing your school this year??

3. Building Connections

Every year at Optometry’s Meeting, I meet new lifelong friends and colleagues. With thousands of students attending Optometry’s Meeting from all across the country, it’s easy to mingle and connect with people who have the same aspirations as yourself. It also gives a chance for you to obtain future opportunities and snag a position right in your hometown.

OptometrysMeeting2014-144. The Exhibit Hall

OM has a plethora of booths that cater specifically to the field of optometry, allowing students to experience new technology before going into the real world as ODs. Many booths give away tons of prizes and samples, creating the perfect opportunity to test out all of the products available for your future practice and patients.

5. The Experience

Being able to attend such a prestigious event to celebrate your future career is amazing in itself. At OM Philadelphia, it felt as though optometry took over the entire city. There were optometrists and optometry students everywhere you turned and there is a sense of belonging knowing that many others support and understand what you do.  Start planning your trips to Optometry’s Meeting Seattle, and don’t miss a chance to be a part of this amazing event!

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