VA to resume use of Avastin

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs will resume the use of intraocular Avastin. The VA had originally banned the use of ophthalmic Avastin because of concerns regarding its safety secondary to bacteria-tainted injections. With new safety standards in place, ophthalmologists can begin to use Avastin once again.

Some of the new regulations are as follows as found in Review of Optometry and reported by Sight Nation (01/11/12 – “VA Gives Avastin Another Shot”):

  • “Using outsourced compounding pharmacies to prepare intravitreal Avastin for use within VA facilities is not permitted.
  • VA pharmacies or ophthalmology providers are not permitted to prepare multiple Avastin doses from one vial. If the patient requires bilateral treatment, a separate vial and syringe must be used for each eye.
  • Any unused contents remaining in a punctured Avastin vial shall be treated as chemotherapy waste and discarded as such within the eye clinic.

Article By: Antonio Chirumbolo SUNY 2013
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