The Studt Foundation Presents Sports Vision Enhancement: A Different Type of Vision Therapy

Have you ever stopped to think of how a baseball player can hit a 95 mph fastball? Or how a NFL quarterback knows precisely where to throw the football? If you take a step back, the abilities of the professional athletes that we watch on a daily basis are pretty amazing.  Just check out SportsCenter daily Top 10 Plays and you will be blown away at what they can do!

The professional athletes of today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to be the best they can be.  Often times players look for anything that will improve their game, their stamina, and their numbers.  Lucky for us, athletes are discovering that optometrists not only hold the knowledge and understanding of how one utilizes their eyes during sports, but also how to improve upon their existing skills.

Behavioral optometrists and those that practice vision therapy have developed a branch of vision therapy (VT) known as sport vision enhancement. One would not consider this traditional therapy, but rather taking someone with above average skills and refining them to allow the person to perform at their highest level.

The Studt Foundation is presenting a course given by Dr. Arnold Sherman, O.D. at the Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO) that will provide a basic foundation in the visual skills needed for various sports as well as sports vision enhancement training techniques. Dr. Arnold Sherman is the developer and Director of the Sports Vision Center at SUNY State College of Optometry and has worked extensively with many amateur and professional athletes in sports across the board.

I encourage any student that has an interest in sport vision enhancement to join the SCCO community on Sunday February 24, 2014 for this lecture.  It consist of two 3-hour sessions that run from 9-12 and then from 1-4 with lunch provided. The class is only $5.00 for students!  If you’re interested, please click here to download the registration form.

(Note: Checks are to be made out to The Studt Foundation)

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