RGN-259 Dry-Eye Study Phase II Results

By: Antonio Chirumbolo
SUNY 2013 

RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals has been working on a treatment for dry eye syndrome, namely its RGN-259. The company has announced completion of treatment and follow up on 69 patients in its Phase II clinical trial. Following statistical analysis, results should be reported in late October.

The trial serves to evaluate the efficacy and safety of RGN-259, the company’s preservative free artificial tear. Patients in the trial received RGN-259 twice daily for 30 days, or a placebo in its place. During the trial, the signs and symptoms of dry eye were graded and reported. In previous animal models, the RGN-259 was able to reduce various ocular surface damage associated with dry eye syndrome, and boasted greater success in one experiment than Restasis, a drug approved to treat dry eye syndrome with inherent ocular surface damage prevention.

Stay tuned for results. This could be a very promising drug in the battle against a chronic and common condition

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