Ontario gets TPA’s

By: Antonio Chirumbolo SUNY Optometry 2013

The scope of practice in Ontario, Canada expanded in April 2011, with new privileges in prescribing medications earned by Optometrists. Optometrists can now prescribe medications to treat various eye and eye related conditions such as bacterial and viral eye infections, CLARE, glaucoma, as well as eye pain and allergies among other things.

Optometrists who have received and exhibited pertinent educational background, training, and proof of competency can now utilize TPAs to deliver the standard of care to their patients presenting with these conditions.
This is a huge step forward for Ontario as current students and future professionals, who are educated and taught how to utilize TPAs to treat the aforementioned eye conditions, can now put that knowledge acquired in school and training to use. This also means that patients with these conditions now have better access to care with reduced wait-times and a more direct form of treatment.

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