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New Appalachian College of Optometry

A new College of Optometry is set to open in the near future. The Appalachian College of Optometry has received funding for development, which will be located in Buchanan County, Virginia. The new Optometry school will become the 21st educational institution offering a doctorate level degree in Optometry. The first class of students is expected to begin in August 2013.

What does the opening of another school of optometry mean to current students? Is this a good or bad thing? While there is always room for great doctors in a growing profession, does fear of saturation begin to fill the minds of current students? There is already talk of saturation, where supply is exceeding demand in optometric care; however, maybe this is what will drive students to seek specialization in residencies, or future graduates to look for jobs in smaller underserved cities. Only time will tell.

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