How To Video: The Basics of Coding & Billing in Optometry

Coding and billing may not be the most exciting part of practicing optometry, but it is essential to know in order to run a smooth, efficient and profitable practice. In this video interview, Dr. Richard Soden, O.D., an expert in coding and billing, Executive Director of the University Eye Center at SUNY and Vice President for its Clinical Affairs, offers his experience and knowledge for students to learn from. Don’t wait to learn on the job, take the time now to watch this 20-minute crash course on coding and billing and be that much more prepared as you go into practice!    

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”How%20To%20Video:%20The%20Basics%20of%20Coding%20&%20Billing%20in%20Optometry” hd=”1″]

Have any advice or more info on coding and billing that you think would help out optometry students? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments below!

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