Font Size & Viewing Distance On Smart Phones – Students at SUNY Perform Study

July 20th 2011- Congratulations to SUNY Optometry 2013 Students Yuliya Bababekova, Jennifer Hue and Rae Huang and Optometrist Mark Rosenfield, for preforming the study Front Size and Viewing Distance of Handheld Smartphones which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Optometry.

These students really went above and beyond by taking a closer look at the interaction between smart phones and an individuals vision. With nearly everyone owning a smart phone now a days this study was perfectly timed to coincide with this pressing use.

The study found that the average distance of where people read from their smart phones is “somewhere between 12 and 14 inches on average, and some people as close as 7 inches,” according to Dr. Rosenfield. The problem is that holding the device so close is that it puts extra demands on the eyes and this means eye strain, tired eyes and headaches.

Click her for ABC news coverage of the study would like to congratulate Yuliya Bababekova, Jennifer Hue and Rae Huang on their accomplishment and hard work.

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