Your Advocacy for Optometry: A Short Film by the AOSA and

You, the optometry student, are right now shaping the future of the profession in two ways, each just as important as the other:

  1. As students at your respective optometry school, you’re working to get the most out of your education and clinical experience to provide the best care possible for your present and future patients.
  2. As advocates for your profession, you’re changing the landscape of optometry, ensuring that people everywhere have access to the high level of care that you will provide, and that you can practice to the full capacity that you’ve been educated and trained to do.

At the Congressional Advocacy Conference 2013 in Washington D.C., students continued what those before them have been doing for decades. By directly speaking with representatives to gain their support for important optometry bills, optometry continues to move in the right direction.

This year, the AOSA teamed up with to make a short film about not only the importance of our presence in Washington, D.C., but your advocacy for optometry in general. Our message to you: for the future of optometry and the health of patients everywhere, GET INVOLVED!

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