Sign this Petition to Help Optometry and Our Patients

By signing this petition you will…

  • Help provide eye care to under-served areas
  • Provide optometry students relief from the burden of loan repayment
  • Give optometry the same benefits that are already provided to other health care professions

I’m sure some of you have seen this petition going around about allowing ODs to participated in the National Health Service Corps Scholarship and Loan Repayment Program.  This program is a special one because not only will it help provide much needed eye care to under-served areas, but it also lessens the burden of loan repayment that all of us face upon graduation.  In exchange for working in these under-served areas, new optometry grads would receive the benefit of loan repayment and scholarships.

This is an easy, quick way you can help create positive change for your profession.  It takes only a few minutes at the computer you’re already sitting in front of or the device you have in your hand.  Click here and sign the petition! You have to create an account, then you can submit your signature and take part in supporting not only your fellow graduating students, but the patients who need better access to eye care as well.

While there is still a large amount of signatures needed, your statement will make a difference.  It is actually possible for us to spread enough word to get it done, if, according to my estimates, every optometry student emailed 15-20 of your family or friends, and a majority of them signed the petition.  Either way, it’s about making the effort to make a difference. Only a small percentage of Community Health Centers (CHC’s) in these areas even have an OD on staff.  People living in these under-served populations may only see an optometrist once an emergency happens or a condition has progressed to the point that serious symptoms develop.  Share this with your classmates, family and friends!


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