With the Cost of Boards, How do I Manage to Afford it?

We have all heard about the increase in the price of taking NBEO boards parts 1-3. Students are concerned with how to pay for this cost of $1,380 three different times, totaling about $4,140, and that is in hopes of passing all three parts the first time. What about students who must retake exams? That adds another $1,380 for each retake of the exam. It is important that students can plan for this large fee associated with NBEO Boards. The earlier students can start planning and saving for this, the better off they will be.

With the price being so high, the majority of students will have to take out loans to pay for boards or put the charge on their credit cards and try to make small payments to eventually pay them off. While students are in school, the focus is school, but there are some students who work jobs to try to pay some of their bills. If your school offers positions, such as tutoring or being a lab assistant, you can try to use that money to put aside for boards or paying off that credit card that you used to pay for it.

We all know how expensive it is, but it is important to be proactive and plan out your payments well. Not only is optometry school and equipment expensive, but also taking boards is now another large added cost to that. Be smart, plan ahead and learn about what is the best option for you to pay off this debt.

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