Tips on Administering Pediatric Patients Eye Drops

  1. Recline the patient backwards
    1. This allows for you to place the drops in the patients inner canthi and blink the drops in if they wish.  This also allows for you or your partner to restrain your patient’s legs if you happen to have a kicker.
  2. If your patient is nervous but cooperative:
    1. Tell the patient that you are going to instill a tingling drop and then wash that drop away with your other two special water drops.
    2. flower girlYou don’t have to mention that the drops contain medication in them. Feel free to refer to the drops as water drops, or princess or super hero drops 🙂
  3. If the patient begins to cry:
    1. Forget the anesthetic drop and instill the medication as quickly as possible into the patients nasal canthi allowing them to blink the drop in.  If the medication stings, it stings (but at least it’s in the patient’s eyes)!
  4. If your patient is hysterical:
    1. Always maintain control of the exam.  Know when to stop attempting to instill drops in the patient’s eyes and when it is best to have them return for an exam completion.  Try to make the exam something that they will remember as being fun and a positive experience. This way, when they return for a completion, you’re capable of actually completing the exam.
    2. Send the parent home with a bottle of artificial tears to allow them to practice having drops in their eyes.
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