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“To expand the minds of pre-optometry and optometry students resulting in a thorough understanding of eye care. Also, to provide students an opportunity to become more involved in optometry and a chance to help move the profession forward.”

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Students Everywhere are Participating in World Sight Day, October 9th!
Posted Sep 26, 2014 | BY

World Sight Day… is fast approaching! Throughout September and October, students from all over the world are participating to raise money to help fight preventable blindness and provide much needed eye care to those who need it, but otherwise couldn’t afford the service.


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The ABC’s of Diabetes: Patient Education Checklist
Written Sep 27, 2014 | BY

Diabetes is a huge public health concern in this country. At a prevalence of over 29 million… people in the US – that’s nearly 10% of the population! There’s no denying that diabetes will be a large part of our practices for years to come. As providers of primary eye care, we know that one of the key modifiable risk factors for the development of diabetic retinopathy is blood sugar control.



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