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“To expand the minds of pre-optometry and optometry students resulting in a thorough understanding of eye care. Also, to provide students an opportunity to become more involved in optometry and a chance to help move the profession forward.”

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Seeing Is Believing – Optometry’s Virtual Conference (Free For Students)!
Posted Jan 24, 2015 | BY

If you know me, you know that as a student, I’ve been on a mission to go to as many optometry conferences and lectures as I can before graduation.…


A Legislated Profession: Practicing Optometry in Massachusetts
Posted Jan 17, 2015 | BY

When I began looking into optometry school I kept hearing this phrase that made me a little uneasy…”optometry is a legislated profession….” At the time I didn’t really give it too much thought because, well, I was more worried about getting into school than what I’d be able to do after I graduated.


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Interview with Dr. Mitchell Munson (AOA Immediate Past President): The Future of Optometry
Written Jan 24, 2015 | BY

Optometry is a dynamic profession that constantly changes and faces new pressing issues. The future of optometry is influenced by many factors, but the American Optometric Association (AOA) plays a significant role in ensuring optometry’s success. Each year at the AOA’s Optometry’s Meeting, the AOA president speaks with OptometryStudents.com… to discuss the future of optometry and how students and new graduates can best prepare for the challenges it may bring.



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Most common oculomotor dysfunction in visually symptomatic TBI patients is convergence insufficiency!