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13 Articles from our New Grad Financial and Business Journalist Ross Chatwin
Posted Dec 23, 2014 | BY

Ross Chatwin, a new grad from the Southern College of Optometry class of 2014 and Financial and Business Content Journalist for OS, has contributed many great clinical pearls and articles with advice on everything from student loans to malpractice insurance… over the last few years.


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4 Helpful Articles from New Grad and HPSP Recipient Matt Weinheimer
Written Dec 21, 2014 | BY

After spending some time in Indiana earning his undergraduate degree and at the Illinois College of Optometry, OS Federal Service Journalist and new grad Matt Weinheimer finds himself practicing halfway around the world at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan. Talk about a big move!
As an alumnus of the Navy’s Health Professions Scholarship Program…, Matt has been commissioned as a lieutenant in the U.S.



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