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“To expand the minds of pre-optometry and optometry students resulting in a thorough understanding of eye care. Also, to provide students an opportunity to become more involved in optometry and a chance to help move the profession forward.”

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School in Focus: MCPHS – The New School On The Block
Posted Jul 2, 2015 | BY

Imagine you walk into an amusement park, a park called OptomCAS…. At this park there are lots of rides to choose from, all with different requirements to ride.


Optometry’s Meeting Seattle – Meet our Team at AOA Central!
Posted Jun 24, 2015 | BY

Are you on your way to Seattle or already there for this year’s Optometry’s Meeting? Our OptometryStudents.com team… is here and we have a booth in the main entrance of the exhibit hall!


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OptomCAS for the 2015-2016 Application Cycle Opens Today!
Written Jul 1, 2015 | BY

Attention future class of 2020:

OptomCAS, optometry’s universal application for all schools and colleges of optometry, opens today, July 1st 2015.… No matter what school(s) you wish to apply to, you will need to apply through this application process. Remember that many schools have rolling admissions, which means that the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accepted.



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Recent studies have shown that astronauts who have gone on long-duration flight missions are more prone to vision problems, including early onset of cataracts as a result of microgravity and long-term exposure to heavy-ion and UV radiation in space.