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“To expand the minds of pre-optometry and optometry students resulting in a thorough understanding of eye care. Also, to provide students an opportunity to become more involved in optometry and a chance to help move the profession forward.”

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Tips and Tricks for a Smooth & Successful Pediatric Eye Exam
Posted Jul 18, 2014 | BY

Some students and OD’s would rather avoid pediatrics. Some of us love it so much that we’ve chosen to specialize in it!…


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How to Get More Contact Lens Experience in Optometry School
Written Jul 22, 2014 | BY

Are you concerned that you may not be getting the extensive experience you need with contact lenses in clinic?
Fitting a patient with a comfortable pair of contact lenses can change their lives! This is also a huge part of a successful, profitable practice that you should be well-versed in before heading out into the real world. …



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A 90D Lens is a great choice rather than a 78D if you plan to look at the fundus un-dilated!