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Some Standards For Systemic Diseases.

Make sure you ask the patient if they know these values if they have the following systemic diseases.

Diabetes Mellitus
– |Last Blood Sugar (LBS)| -– Normal fasting blood glucose = (60-110)
– |Hemoglobin A1C| — Normal A1C = 6.8 (the higher the worse) // > 200 is clear indication of DM.

– |Last Blood Pressure (LBP)| –- Normal blood pressure = 115/75

– |CD4/T-Cell Levels| — Normal = >500 with the higher number the better, AIDS pts typically are <200. - |Viral Load| -– Normal = 50 and above Hepatitis C - Treatment for Hep C is interferon treatment, yet this causes hypoxia to the eye. Make sure there is no retinopathy and make sure there are no cotton wool spots. If these problems are present consult the physician treating the patient and discuss options.

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