July 26, 2012 | POSTED BY | Clinical Pearls

Ever have a patient tell you that they can’t tell if the clown or quoit is getting closer to them or further away? Well, the key to getting them to properly localize.   There are a few ways you can do this:

1) You can rock the vectogram back and forth between BO and BI

2) Have them point to letters and compare them to each other until they notice the difference

3) (My recommendation) Take a pointer/a pen or even your finger and make a big circle in front of the vectogram.  Keep doing it and ask the patient if they notice if you are going in front of or behind the clown/quoit.  If you are doing BO, the patient will eventually notice you going behind the clown (between the holder and the floating image).


Localization is a key process in using vectograms as a training tool, so don’t forget to ask your patient periodically to point to where they are seeing things!!

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