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Fitting contact lenses can be a nerve-racking experience for students first learning! Our OptometryStudents.com team works to help you prepare for some of the many tough moments you may have in clinic, whether it be your first pediatric exam or fitting a patient in contact lenses. We’re excited to present to you an instructional video that takes you step by step through the entire contact lens fitting process, all the way from case history and Fromstein1identifying a candidate to follow up exams! Our goal is to help you approach fitting contact lenses in clinic with more confidence in order to give your patient a better experience and a successful fitting.

The video was created by our OptometryStudents.com team and was shot at the Illinois College of Optometry by Jon Dong, ICO new grad and creator of the now famous “Thrift Opt” video. It features contact lens expert Dr. Stephanie Fromstein, OD, FAAO, who did her residency in Cornea and Contact Lens at ICO and now works with residents and 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students at ICO’s Cornea Center for Clinical Excellence.

We’re hoping the video (less than 15 minutes!) will give you a solid foundation to work more confidently in your contact lens clinic. Take the time to educate yourself and be better prepared for clinic. Also, many thanks to CooperVision, who helped sponsor the filming and production of our video.

ORWhat’s covered in the video:

  • Clinical pearls (top five questions for a previous contact lens wearer, the four A’s for medications to be aware of, etc.)
  • Identifying a candidate and questions for case history
  • Selecting a lens and vertex conversion
  • Strategies to use in the exam room: slit lamp evaluation, over-refraction, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Insertion and removal
  • Pricing and replacement schedule options
  • Patient education (hygiene, solution, and contact lens care)
  • Follow up and more!

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