September 25, 2011 | POSTED BY | Clinical Pearls

Annoying eyelid twitches known as myokymia (not to be confused with blepharospasm) can be common in patients. Lifestyle components that contribute to myokymia are stress, fatigue, excessive use of caffeine, cigarette smoking, and constant near work. Removing excess stressors, limiting caffeine and cigarettes, reducing near work tasks/using an intermediate reading prescription and warm compresses should help. Also, off label usage of Zatidor and Alaway are helpful. Lastly, a very inexpensive treatment is to drink tonic water. Quinine is a known muscle relaxer and a 5 oz glass should be more than sufficient. Please note, if the myokymia is associated with contraction of other parts of the face during episodes, blepharospasm is to be investigated.

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