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You’re probably going to wait until after a formal vision therapy evaluation and consult to arrive at an official estimate on number of VT sessions needed, but it is nice to have a ballpark figure in mind earlier on. A couple of my professors have shared the following as a great technique for estimating the number of sessions you’ll need:

# of VT sessions = [(# of conditions) x 5] + 5

For example, if your patient has saccadic dysfunction and convergence insufficiency, that would be 2 conditions: (2 x 5) + 5 = 10-15 sessions

Vision Therapy lab

You can tack on a few more sessions based on how difficult the condition is to treat. Below is a list of very gross generalizations:

  • Training at far is more difficult than training at near
  • Eso conditions are harder to treat than exo conditions
  • A poor patient (or parent) attitude makes it harder than when the patient is motivated

Based on my experiences from this last semester in vision therapy clinic, I would suggest adding on a few sessions if the patient has any learning-related difficulties or attentional deficit problems. Happy training!


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