Do you want to get involved in optometry, but aren’t sure how to go about it? JOIN THE CORE LEADERSHIP TEAM!

The Core Leadership Team is a dedicated team of students that operate Each student has a unique position in the management of  website content and works alongside others  to help achieve our mission. This is a great opportunity to work with a creative team of optometry students! VIEW POSITIONS

GET INVOLVED & GET RECOGNIZED is your stage is one of the largest and most widely visited resources for optometry student information on the web, and that means our team members do not go unnoticed. With tens of thousands of page views per month, many influential people will be able to see you are a unique individual and a leader. This includes optometrists, industry professionals, and other students like yourself. We all know that in order to be successful in optometry you need to get involved beyond just seeing patients in the clinic and passing your boards. This is your time to do something different that will allow you to stand out from the rest!


Everything we do is for the greater good

Being on the Core Leadership Team allows you to have a direct impact on the future of optometry. Whether it is spreading knowledge about political advocacy, highlighting students who are going above and beyond, or giving students a stage to show their clinical skills, is dedicated to improving our field. Our team works to make sure that we provide a platform for student involvement and innovation because it is today’s students which influence tomorrow’s optometry.


Our team is dedicated to your growth

Part of what our team focuses on is personal and professional growth. Have you ever wondered how to build a successful brand or run a small business? Well, part of what we will focus on is just that! Joining the team means much more than just developing, it means learning how to be a leader, run a business, and develop your personal self!


State of the art collaboration technology

Our Core Leadership Team comes from all over the United States and beyond. We have created and customized an online meeting place for all team members to collaborate we call “the office.” This allows everyone on the team to see what developments are happening on while enabling our entire team to chat, talk, discuss projects and recommend ideas. It is 100% mobile supported with great apps available for both Apple and Android.


It’s not always WHAT you know…

…it’s often WHO you know! When we graduate optometry school we are all on a fairly even playing field. Often it is the students with connections that become the most successful. Because OS is a content-based website, we are often networking with optometrists and other eye care professionals to generate new content. This gives our team opportunities to work with unique and influential personnel in the field. Making connections is critical and being on the Core Leadership Team will ensure that you have the opportunity to build lasting and valuable relationships.

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