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I think every 3rd year optometry student who could use an extra $10,000, am I right? Take advantage of this opportunity and apply to possibly be awarded the Bernard Maitenaz Scholarship, established by Essilor and final entries will be judged by the Optometry Cares AOA Foundation. Maitenaz was a pioneer in the optical science, engineering and lens industry (pictured right). Don’t take one look at this and say, “There’s Bernard Maitenazprobably hundreds of students applying, I’m not going to bother.” If everyone else is thinking same thing, then put some time and effort into it and who knows, YOU could be $10,000 richer!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Submit 2 letters of recommendation. One has to be from an academic advisor, teacher or dean where you attend school.

2. Submit a 2 page essay (in English, no more than 1,500 words) AND either a 3 minute video or a 5 slide PowerPoint Presentation.

So, what do you write about? Here’s your topic:

Your essay and video (or PPT presentation) should focus on the impact of vision on performance, lifestyle and economics education, whether in the U.S. or abroad. They’re also looking for you to demonstrate leadership and participation in your local community and school. Additionally, be sure to include any other activities, honors or work experience, along with your goals and aspirations, and any unique personal or family circumstances.

All submissions are to your schools, NOT Essilor or Optometry Cares. Your school will then choose which submission to send in to Optometry Cares, by November 11th. For more info, check out the banner below. If you have any further questions, go to the Optometry Cares website here. GO FOR IT, AND GOOD LUCK!

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