November 6, 2013 | POSTED BY | Events., Pre-Optometry School

Those who have taken the OAT can attest to how important practice exams are when preparing for it. The more practice exams you do, the more confident you’ll feel and the more you’ll understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. In this part of the series, I’ll be providing you with some excellent sites to get online practice and books that are also very helpful.

  • Online practices
  • 20 minute practice
  • Free OAT practice test (length of real OAT)
  • Books – the Kaplan Review book comes highly recommended by pre-optometry students
  • OAT forums
  • 5 OAT strategies
  • Register for the OAT

OAT Achiever

  • Instantly downloadable (15 minutes after payment)
  • 3 full-length OAT mock exams
  • Closely simulates the OAT
  • Over 720 questions
  • Constantly updated
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Intuitive concepts and tips
  • Diagnostic score reports
  • On screen calculator for the math section


  •  Books
  • Audio osmosis


Although practicing the OAT is a major part of your preparation, you do not want to cram for this test! Trust me I tried, and everything just blurs into one massive thing and you cannot sleep. I would suggest doing one full practice test the day before taking the OAT to see what it will be like. Oh, and of course get lots of sleep, you don’t want to be nodding off during your OAT!

If you missed my first article in this three part series, you can check it out here: Preparing for the OAT: Part I – Courses and Registering.