April 29, 2013 | POSTED BY | Events.
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Hey everyone, what’s up? Just about 25 days until I graduate from optometry school, it has been an amazing journey. Looking back on some of my first ever articles it is amazing to see how far I have come. What better way to end it then to do an interview with the infamous Dr. Gary Gerber, founder of The Power Practice and The Power Hour, which is optometry’s only radio show. I will be doing an interview at 9:00pm EST with Gary and I will be covering the general idea of “success in optometry school” plus my outlook on the profession.

Here is a list of some topics I will be covering

  • My most profound realizations in optometry school
  • Tips for students about to start the journey
  • How to speed up exam time
  • What mistakes are students making throughout school that is hurting their future and their career
  • What optometry events are the best for students to attend
  • My favorite resources for students
  • What are some skill sets to learn when in school (other than clinical skills)
  • Advice on boards, tests, and clinical skills
  • My outlook on the profession
  • Much much more…

Instructions to listen LIVE to the interview

  • Go to www.PowerHour.info
  • From there you can listen live on the website
  • Also call from any phone at (646) 716-8746 to listen to the show (and ask questions live!)
  • Users can also click to listen to past shows or download segments on iTunes.

I am pretty excited to work with Gary on this. He is a great guy and a real advocate for optometry, his passion is unmatched. I encourage everyone to call in so I can share some wisdom about my time in optometry school, and some advice to help students become successful ODs.

The Power Hour” radio shows are sponsored by Essilor of America. The show, which can be heard via Skype or phone every Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. E.T., is a live discussion vehicle for current practice-building events in optometry, political viewpoints and clinical topics. Listeners can dial in to “The Power Hour” from any phone at (646) 716-8746 or can listen in from any computer. Details on how to do so are found here. “Power Hour” sessions, which launched in 2012, are archived on The Power Practice site. Users can also click to listen to past shows or download segments on iTunes.