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World Sight Day (WSD) is October 10th, and people from around the world have been donating their time and money for a cause that we all have dedicated our careers and so much of our lives to: helping others see the world with clear vision and healthy eyes. This is truly an international movement, with nearly every optometry school in the US and many abroad participating, along with various pre-optometry programs, clubs, societies, etc. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the global scale of this creative fundraising effort (scroll all the way down for the full list):

World Sight Day, Optometry Giving Sight

World Sight Day, Optometry Giving SightWorld Sight Day, Optometry Giving SightPlus, other schools in Australia, Singapore, and many countries all over the world are participating!

Optometry Giving Sight is an organization that spearheads these fundraising efforts for World Sight Day, such as the WSD Student Challenge. Where does the money you donate and help raise go? Directly to places around the world where access to eye care is needed the most!

How about this for an example: George Moyo became the first ever locally trained optometrist in Malawi after a school of optometry was established with funding from Optometry Giving Sight. Now many people in communities in Southern Africa have access to the vision care they need to help avoid blindness and other vision impairment.  Check out our article about this and a letter of thanks directly from Dr. Moyo!

Since WSD began in 2008, the Student Challenge has raised over $50,000. Here’s even more incentive: VOSH International is awarding three travel stipends to schools that raise the most donations. Dr. Greg Pearl, immediate past President of VOSH International, says that with these stipends, “student leaders can experience firsthand the vital work being done to train and mentor people in underserved communities.”

Join our effort… you’ve seen here what students everywhere are doing, and the impact these fantastic events will have on the lives of others!

The OptometryStudents.com team has a team fundraising page here. Click the red “Sponsor Our Team” button to donate any amount of money and you will receive a WSD wristband!

World Sight Day, Optometry Giving Sight

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