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Every year COVD has an annual meeting that brings together Optometrists, students and other professionals to learn and experience the newest research in Optometry, attend continuing education classes, gain practice management skills and learn what else is going on in the community.  It serves as a platform for students and doctors to communicate and make connections within this small-knit community that support the notion that there is more to vision than just seeing 20/20.

This year COVD’s Annual Meeting is being held in Fort Worth, Texas, from October 16-20th.    This year, COVD is featuring lectures that touch upon ocular motor measurements, neuroplasticity, perception, Masquerade Syndrome and much more.

All students (any class year!) are encouraged to attend this meeting!  Even if you don’t want to participate in vision therapy, it is essential that you know the signs and symptoms of binocular vision disorders to correctly diagnose and refer.  As Dr. Leonard Press, O.D., has said, “ About 90 percent of the people who have binocular vision disorders go undiagnosed…research shows that binocular vision disorders can impact one’s education, the ability to pay attention as well as many other quality of life issues.”

As a student you get discounted prices to attend the meeting as well as having the opportunity to meet many doctors and create relationships with them.

The COVD website has more in-depth information about the speakers and the tentative schedule.  Here is the link to register for the 42nd Annual Meeting:


I hope to see you there!