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Thinking about attending the American Academy of Optometry this year in Denver? It will be the 93rd year of this highly regarded academic meeting that includes a variety of CE classes, cutting edge scientific research and technology, networking opportunities and much more! Learn more about the Academy experience through the eyes of three of our Core Leadership Team members who attended in 2013:

Lawrence Yu, SCCO 3rd year, Chief of Optometric Interviews:

What motivated me to attend the AAO meeting this year was the desire to be exposed to more specialties in optometry. The Student Fellowship program gave my visit structure by requiring me to satisfy certain requirements that exposed me to many unique topics in optometry. It blew my mind to see my course instructors in the same classes that I attended. If you want to learn about the newest information and findings in optometry, then you must attend an AAO meeting.

Tyler Phan, WUCO 4th year, Senior Low Vision Journalist:

“I have had the privilege of attending three Academy meetings thus far in my optometric career. Each experience was very different, but all equally exciting and enjoyable.

My first Academy meeting was in 2011 in Boston. It was also the inaugural year for the Student Fellowship program so the meeting had a great deal of students enthused to achieve this honor. I remember the meeting as being hectic. The few days were jam low visionpacked with continuing education courses, attending poster sessions, paper talks and special events. My classmates and I completed all the requirements for the Student Fellowship in one meeting, a very doable task.

My second meeting was in Phoenix, Arizona. Because I had already completed the Student Fellowship program, the meeting was less hectic as I was able to pick and choose what classes and events to attend. An added bonus was the free registration for Student Fellows!

This recent meeting in Seattle I had an opportunity to present a poster in the topic of low vision. I would highly recommend for students to conduct an independent research project and submit an abstract for either a paper or poster presentation. This is a great way to get even more involved with the Academy. Additionally, the Academy provides some travel fellowships for residents and students who present their work at the conference.

Academy meeting is truly a one-stop shopping for the most diverse and top-notch continuing education classes. I hope to be able to attend many more meetings in future years.”

Bhumika Patel, UMSL 4th year, Chief of Clinical Case Review:

“This was my second time at AAO. I attended many different educational courses, from glaucoma to binocular vision, from paper to poster presentations. I found some of the lectures to be more research based than I had anticipated, but very interesting. I loved hearing the enthusiastic Dr. Melton and Dr. Thomas speak about medications. I also visited the exhibit hall. I decided to take a different approach, and instead of visiting
American Academy of Optometry
vendors that I knew, I went to the vendors that I wasn’t familiar with or had heard very little about. I learned about some new instruments and medications like Rescula, a new glaucoma medication. In addition, I attended the student networking lunch, which gave me a place to interact with some of the residency directors that I was interested in.

After all the educational courses, exhibit hall and the student networking lunch, I also found some time to explore Seattle. Overall, I’m glad I attended AAO meeting! Start thinking about next year’s meeting, which is from November 12th to 15th in Denver!”


How was your experience at this last year’s Academy meeting? Share in the comments below!