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Have you ever had a patient in clinic who wanted contact lenses but couldn’t afford them? Did you know that you can give your patient a year’s worth of contact lenses for free?? In many cases, this could change their life! Through the CooperVision Adopt-a-Patient™ program, all you have to do is confirm with your attending optometrist in clinic, email the proper information in and that’s it! Click here for more detailed info, or take a look at the infographic below.

On top of that, send us a testimonial of your experience, and be entered into our weekly draw for a $25 Visa gift card!

Here’s recent testimonial from Illinois College of Optometry 3rd year Nancy Mughrabi:

“Adopting a 14-year-old amblyopic patient was the best thing I have done in my 3 years at school. I had an amblyopic patient who had -1.00-0.25×180 OD and -6.00-1.00×180 OS and hadn’t felt comfortable wearing her glasses for 4 years. Her parents couldn’t afford getting her contact lenses. Through Adopt-a-Patient™ program I was able to change her life drastically. The most valuable thing a student could ever experience is their patient looking with a big thankful smile for improving her vision after years of struggling with her glasses. Insertion and removal of Biofinity Toric lenses was hard at first, but she was very motivated to learn quickly. I’m so thankful for this program for allowing me to provide such an amazing opportunity for this little girl who really needed the contact lenses!”

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Optometry Students Adopt a Patient infographic