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Sandy Tran, a 2014 graduate of Western University and our former Senior Binocular Vision Journalist, has done a fantastic job writing quality content for readers at optometry schools everywhere and all over the world (yes, our articles have reached over 200 countries and territories worldwide!). She is currently a vision therapy and rehabilitation resident at a private practice in New Jersey. Congrats Sandy!

Want to improve your skills in vision therapy or sports vision? How about increase or solidify your knowledge of binocular vision?

…well, here’s a list of the content Sandy has posted over the last year, enjoy:

Space FixatorArticles:

Top 10 Vision Therapy Activities Every Optometry Student Should Know

The Art of Rx Checks

Binocular Vision Problems in Layman’s Terms

Tips on Performing an Eye Exam on Patients with Autism

Field Vision – AOA Lecture on Sports Vision on the Football Field

FREE eBook: 50 Tips to Improve Your Sports Performance

Clinical Pearls:

Quick and Easy Way to take VA’s

No stereo? Try Worth 4 dot

We’d like to congratulate Sandy again and thank her for a great year with OS, good luck in the future Sandy!