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Getting through optometry school isn’t easy. Here are 24 struggles that only optometry students will understand:


1. When you see your family over break and everyone jokes about getting free exams and you’re just like…





2. The library is your home and your apartment is where you go to sleep.


And immediately after each and every exam…



3. When someone’s talking to you and all you’re doing is examining their eyes  



4. Coffee is your BEST friend. And if you haven’t discovered it yet, the first time you have it…



5. And like any healthy, long-term relationship, it’ll become a love-hate one



And eventually, this is how you’ll treat your classmates every morning


coffee friends



6. When you can’t wait to graduate so that you tell the preceptors who were way too hard on you: “Look at me now, I’m getting’ pa-per!”

 chris brown



7. When yet another person asks you how long optometry school is.




8. When you catch someone about to drop Visine in their eyes


9. When you’re struggling at the gym and realize you’re not as fit as the undergrads around you.


10. This album cover will never look the same to you again




…Neither will this one




11. When getting a good night’s sleep means more than 5 hours of sleep. 8 hours is considered sleeping in, which seldom happens.

 alarm clock


12. When your friends won’t let you off the hook for not having anti-glare coating, and make you self-conscious about your glasses



13. When you have to explain to people why you might want to work at Walmart after graduation



14. When you’re shopping and the cashier looks at you like you’re on something because for half the week you’ll have one eye dilated.

dilated eye 2

But really it’s just Tropicamide. NBD.


15. When you feel like a boss every time you slip into your white coat.

like a boss


16. And you always make sure to pop the collar before leaving  just for reassurance. You know you’ve done it.

 pop collar



17. Clinic days really mean “show time” so you can prove to your classmates that you don’t always look like a zombie, but we all love our classmates regardless.


drake sweatpants


18. When SECO, VEEVEW, and OM14 all mean one thing to you….. PARTY!!! The free stuff and CE lectures are alright too.

party edm



19. When someone asks if you’ve heard about something in the news, but all you know is when your next exam block is. Basically, your life is on a long four-year hiatus.

 under a rock gif



20. Then nerdy optometry jokes suddenly become outrageously funny because you’ve become delirious from too much studying.


optometry jokes cornea



21. And everything you hear/see on TV reminds you of school somehow. Oh gosh, does it ever stop?!

 make it stop


22. When this hilarious blog pretty much sums up your entire life in optometry school

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 3.37.47 PM

Naomi Chun –



23. When your friends think all you do is: better one or two, one or two?


Then you find yourself in lab going “one or two…” and then proceed to have an existential crisis.


eternal sunshine exis crisis

24. Finally, time get back to doing optometry student things such as procrastinating