Scholarship Alert – Varilux® Student Grant – $1,000 + Optometry's Meeting

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Varilux® Student Grant – Award Program

Who: Optometry Students who have experience in the clinic’s dispensary.

How Much: Students selected at each school will win $1,000 + entry into the national judging. Winner of the national award will get an all expense paid trip for two to Optometry’s Meeting in June 15-19, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What To Do: “Students should submit case reports on patients fit with Varilux lenses to the school’s faculty and/or clinic staff who will select one submission. Selection by school faculty will be based on Dispensing Skills, application of Varilux lenses to patient needs, analysis of the case(s) and analysis of the lens design and lens performance (optional/extra)”

Due Date: February 1st, 2011

URL: Varilux Student Grant – Award Program

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I'm currently a 4th year optometry student at Western University of Health … Read more

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