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See All 180 of Your Pictures Entered into our Social Media Contest from Optometry’s Meeting 2013!

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OSOMbannerWe’ve posted all 180 pictures from everyone who participated in our Social Media Contest at Optometry’s Meeting 2013 in San Diego! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our booth throughout the Meeting. We had a blast in San Diego, from the classes, events and parties to meeting students from all over the world (judging from the pics, everyone else did too)! We’ll be picking two winners, possibly as early as the end of this week, who will each receive an iPad Mini sent to their doorstep!

Check out all 180 of the awesome pics HERE!!



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Ben Emer

Biographical Info: I'm from Kenosha, WI and am a 3rd year at the Illinois … Read more

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    All of these photos are so amazing! I’m reliving all the wonderful moments of that weekend.

  • http://www.optometrystudents.com/ DR. MATT GELLER O.D

    What an awesome time this was.

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