Mar 7


80′s Flashback Party and Costume Contest at SECO!

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For all those attending SECO, get ready for a blast next Friday night at the “Wild and Wonderful” Friday Flashback Party…they’re now including an 80′s Costume Contest! Our team will be there in full 80′s gear ready to party (and see Foreigner perform!), and we’ll be helping choose contestants to bring on stage where a winner will be chosen by the crowd! So bust out the shoulder pads and huge hair and join us! Here are a few details to remember:

SECO-present your event ticket at either of the Ticket Exchange Booths (#1733 or #142) in the exhibit hall next Thursday or Friday to get your souvenir ticket and wristband (they’re anticipating a sellout, so be sure to exchange your ticket early!)

-if you can’t attend the party that night, please drop your event ticket or souvenir ticket with wristband into one of the bins you’ll find at the doors of the Georgia World Conference Center (GWCC), Building A. By recycling your tickets, you’ll give someone a chance to attend. Thanks for your consideration!

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

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Ben Emer

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