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I’ve attended Vision Expo East 4 times, all as a student, and each time it seemed to be more and more valuable. I moved to San Diego, California this year to join Complete Family Vision Care with Dr. Eric White O.D. Life is good in practice and things are going smoothly. Looking back at what got me to this point in my life, I realized that my attendance at 4 consecutive Vision Expo East events played a roll in my success today.

This year Vision Expo West is from October 2nd – 5th, and it will be held in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo & Convention Center. –

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Here are the reasons I’m going to make this my 5th Vision Expo!

1. Networking Opportunities optometrys meeting adrienne chan

Point blank period, Vision Expo East was an amazing networking opportunity. There is no place other than Vision Expo where you can meet company CEOs, local reps for your area, entrepreneurs and students who are going above and beyond. Let’s face it – I am blessed to have landed a job in San Diego, California, which is arguably the most difficult place to get a job as an OD. I attribute this not to my success as a student, but my networking and relationship building through schools. The doctor who hired me did so because everyone who he talked to knew about me on a personal level. He heard great things about me and about my enthusiasm and passion, and this is what helped him to seal the deal. Dr. White doesn’t know my GPA or what clubs I was involved in, he just knows what the industry says when he asks them about me. So moral of the story is, go to Vision Expo West, meet some people and make a name for yourself. It will pay off in strides! You will be able to network on the exhibit hall floor and at several events hosted at various Las Vegas hotels on the strip.

2. Continuing Education

Wait, don’t glaze over this – read me, read me! CE is awesome, even for you as a student. Clinical stuff can be a bit redundant, but do you realize how much business and life lessons are out there? Click this link to see the awesome topics that will be presented by world-renowned docs at VEW! There are 2 free student courses this year held by Ryan Parker, O.D., that will talk about how to be successful in private practice. CE is how you get the edge. It gives you creative ideas for future success. The courses I signed up to attend are…

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil: The Ideal Complement to Private Practice
  • Melton & Thomas Treatment Guidelines for Ocular Disease
  • Systemic Disease and the Eye: Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, and Obesity

3. Keep Current on Technology

The Daytona

Optometry Technology – The Daytona

I noticed the other day that my patients love technology and they will seek out a practice with the best technology. I always bring up specific details about OCT’s, fundus cameras, visual fields and more. Patients like to hear about the equipment you use and they also like to hear about what is on the horizon. Vision Expo is a phenomenal place to learn about and test out new equipment. I can’t tell you how valuable this has been for me in the past. This year is going to be epic because VEW is actually coming out with Eye2 Zone, which is a dedicated showcase for new, non-traditional vision technologies exclusive to Vision Expo – located in Booth 16115. I will definitely be there!

4. Building relationships with other students = future success

The majority of people I have personal and business relationships with are now optometry students. That’s right, the people I work with on, and on other top secret projects are people I hung out with at Vision Expo and other events. Events like this encourage brainstorming and creative ideas to form. By collaborating and working with people who aspire to be successful, you too start thinking about success and become surrounded by it. This is ESSENTIAL for your future. So make sure you do like I did – resonate to the students who want to go far in their career, spend time brainstorming at Vision Expo and developing and cultivating your ideas.

See you at Vision Expo West, I’ll be at the booth, make sure to come say hello!